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Crowns in a Day? What's the Big Deal?

For those patients who have experienced a crown restoration process, they know it's time consuming and can entail multiple visits. At our office, we have the luxury of delivering your porcelain crown restorations in a single visit. Thanks to the e.max and empress materials, these restorations are tooth-colored and are extremely lifelike. Take a look at our before and after pictures for examples of what a porcelain restoration can look like.

What Are The Advantages of an E4D Fabricated Crown?

Besides having your crown, onlay, inlay or veneer completed in one visit, there are several other benefits. Our crowns in a day eliminate the need for messy and time consuming impressions. The E4D technology has an intraoral camera that receives the necessary images through video capture.

In addition, the accuracy of these images allows the dentist (and not a third party laboratory) to have full control of your dental restorations. These restorations include full coverage crown, inlays, onlays, and even dental veneers. Dr. Kalebjian and Dr. Khater personally design each of these crowns, which ensures a quality fabricated restoration.

Because the E4D restorations in a day are completed in a single visit, it eliminates the need for a temporary. What used to to be a 2-3 week ordeal for having a crown restoration done can now be done in one day. All this equates to less time in the dental chair and more time for you!

What Does The E4D Crown Procedure Entail?

The first step is to have the tooth prepared, then intraoral images are taken and displayed on the computer screen. The images of the involved tooth allow the dentist to do a virtual design of your custom made restoration. The design information is sent to an in house milling unit, much like a 3D printer, to create your lifelike restoration.

Once the milling is complete, your crown is carefully characterized and glazed to give it a realistic appearance. Finally, your restoration is now ready to be cemented and becomes a part of your mouth so that you can begin chewing immediately.

Schedule a visit or contact our office and see the E4D technology at work!

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