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At Fresno Dental Works, Dr. Kalebjian and Dr. Khater will always aim to save a tooth. Prevention is the first and best route of having healthy teeth. We educate our patients on oral hygiene techniques to minimize and prevent dental disease. However, if a tooth has severe cavities, wear, fractures, or cracks and cannot be saved with a root canal procedure, then a dental extraction may be the most appropriate treatment. Also, severe periodontal or gum disease can lead to an environment of decreased bone and infection, which causes the foundation of a tooth to become unstable.

Your Comfort is a Priority

Our first priority at Fresno Dental Works with regards to any procedure is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Before, during, and after an extraction of a tooth, we communicate with you. We want all of our patients to be well informed about what is occurring and we also want to know if you are comfortable. Questions are expected and we strive to address all your concerns. Both Dr. Kalebjian and Dr. Khater have completed a general dentistry residency, which has given them the opportunity to work on many complex dental extraction cases with a diverse patient pool. Be reassured that their years of experience and skill sets will aid in your piece of mind.

After Tooth Removal

Caring for an extraction site after a tooth has been removed can help with healing. We will inform you on the best ways to take care of the area including what to eat and what not to do, such as smoking or drinking through a straw. We will also give you treatment options for how to restore the missing space. Dental implants, bridges, and removable dentures can all help play a role in restoring your function.

If you have a tooth that is causing your pain, we want to know. Whether you need a tooth extraction or another dental treatment please contact Fresno Dental Works for assessment of your dental condition.

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