Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening


White. Luminous. Bright. Shiny. Would you use these words to describe the appearance of your teeth?

Everyday foods and drinks tend to stain and discolor teeth over time. Habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco can also cause teeth to stain. Teeth are susceptible to the different things we introduce into our mouths. Darkened teeth (ones that have yellow and browns hues) have taken on the shades from the vinegary foods, wines, sodas, etc.

Getting back that luster in your smile is still possible! Ideally, a thorough cleaning before embarking on your whitening is strongly recommended. At Fresno Dental Works, we a have few options that can help you whiten your teeth.

Sheer White! Whitening Strips

The simplest option for those who need just a little bit of improvement in the whitening department can use these easy to use strips. Placing the strips on the teeth for 2-3 hours daily for 2 weeks to a month can help brighten your smile.

Custom Fabricated Take Home Whitening Trays

These whitening trays accurately fit the shape and contours of your teeth so that the bleach can appropriately cover your teeth. With each set of custom made whitening trays, vials of bleaching agent will be distributed. During your delivery appointment of the whitening trays, a "before" shade on your teeth will be taken to compare with the 2 weeks "after" shade. Using the these custom trays are a great option if you want to bleach your teeth whenever your want. You can even do "touch-ups" down the road if you notice that the shade of your teeth are darkening.

Our In-Office Teeth Whitening Option

If your teeth whitening needs have to be met immediately, then our in office whitening system might be the right choice for you. A special high concentration bleaching gel is placed on the teeth until the whiter shade is achieved.

Contact Fresno Dental Works today to find out which whitening option works best for you!

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