Dental crowns and bridges
Fresno Dental Works offers dental crowns and bridges


Do you have a gap where a tooth was removed, or a tooth that is damaged by a chip, fractures, or cavities? You may need a crown or a bridge. Not to worry, most of the population has at least one of these restorations.

At Fresno Dental Works, we provide crowns and bridges to our patients that are esthetic and functional--in fact they feel so natural that you may even forget you have one.

When Would I Need a Crown?

What can be done if a tooth is severely damaged or a large filling is no longer doing its job? Often times the easy answer to this is a crown or a "cap". A crown is recommended when a tooth does not have enough natural tooth structure to support your bite. Often times this can be due to large cavities, broken down fillings, fractured or root canal treated teeth.

Crowns can be made to be very esthetic using porcelain or EMAX materials which mimic the lifelike appearance of natural enamel and have excellent strength and durability. At Fresno Dental Works, we not only are able to deliver crowns with the highest cosmetic properties but provide them to you in the most convenient way using our "in-house" CAD-CAM E4D technology.

With the E4D system you can forego the mess of final impressions and avoid inconvenient wait times. Dr. Kalebjian and Dr. Khater also believe that gold can be an excellent choice after analysis of your bite and discussion of esthetic goals.

What is a Bridge?

If you are missing one or more teeth, a bridge might be a perfect option for you. Simply put, a bridge is basically two crowns connected by a false tooth in the middle. This is cemented into the mouth as one unit it becomes functional immediately. The space where you had the missing tooth is now gone. A bridge is an esthetic option as it can be made with porcelain or EMAX materials.

Some bridges are able to be fabricated in office, but more complex bridges may need to be sent to a dental lab to be made. A bridge is an excellent choice to replace missing teeth as it restores biting function quickly and cosmetically.

Is a Crown or Bridge Procedure Difficult?

No. At Fresno Dental Works a crown is simple- no impressions, no temporaries, no waiting. Our E4D technology makes your crown a one-day-and-done procedure! Generally speaking, we require about an hour to prepare and scan your dentition. After a short break (or perhaps after lunch), we will require about 30 minutes to permanently bond your new crown onto the prepared tooth. All done.

Will My Crown or Bridge Look Like My Natural Teeth?

At Fresno Dental Works we work almost exclusively with esthetic all-ceramic crowns. The best crown is the one that fits perfectly, and blends to your own teeth. We understand the importance of preserving your natural smile. If a crown or bridge is indicated, Dr. Kalebjian and Dr. Khater will be sure to get your smile back to its original beauty and function.

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